Looking for Korean Supermarket in Kuala Lumpur?

When I was staying in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, I realized that the Korean wave is not as booming as in Indonesia. I once visited K-Food Fair Event at 1Utama and honestly, it’s not as grand as the similar event held in Jakarta, which both was held in 2016. Despite that, Kuala Lumpur is one of Read More

Difficulties of Singing Korean Songs (and What to Do)

Just like any other Korean artworks, I find most of Korean songs are written with so much dedication. Their music arrangement, lyrics, and also music videos are so stunning. Oh and not to mention the singers who doesn’t only have nice voice but also have beautiful face and body. Those could be the reasons why Read More

14 Phrases for Expressing Love in Korean

Because 사랑해요 (saranghaeyo) is too mainstream. February is indeed a month full of love. Maybe you are thinking of different ways for expressing your feeling for the loved ones. Maybe you have a Korean partner. Maybe s/he isn’t but you know s/he really loves Korean drama. Maybe you are just learning how to seduce in Read More

3 Ways to Buy Train Tickets in Korea

Train is one of the most convenient and affordable land transportation for traveling between cities and towns in South Korea. There are a few different inter-province train services which are operated by Korail, KTX (Korea Train Express), ITX Saemaeul (ITX 새마을), SRT, and Mugunghwa (무궁화), to name some of them. KTX is the fastest in Read More

Trivia: What do You Call a #

Since the trend of Twitter, then followed by Instagram, this # symbol becomes something common. Before that, we mostly see this symbol only on our landline phones. Yes, this hashtag is used on social medias to tag a topic or keywords related to a post. But do you know that this # symbol has different Read More

Collection of Korean Hashtags

If you are an avid Twitter or Instagram user, you must be familiar with the hashtag concept. Sometimes, we could even see a post with hashtags longer than its caption. Such as this one: 오늘은 #인나찡 탄신일? #유치자#자나깨나#치자사랑#유디#울언니#치자꽃#그렇다고치자 A photo posted by 이지금 (@dlwlrma) on Jun 4, 2015 at 11:10pm PDT A hashtag is not Read More

Why do Koreans have Usernames with All Consonant Letters

dlwlrma, skawngur, thstjddk, qkrrud78, dlstmxkakwldrl

Yes, those seemingly random words with jumbled letters above are real Instagram usernames. And, it’s not random at all! Don’t you believe?

Read More

Hangul to Latin Romanization Tool

Have a lyric of new Kpop songs, or an article written in Hangul (한글) but don’t know how to read? This online conversion tool can convert Hangul to Latin script (i.e romanization) automatically. Input Korean text below, the romanized text will appear underneath. Revised RomanizationRR TransliterationSKATSIndonesian TranscriptionKonsevich Hangul romanization is powered by Aromanize.js by Fajar Read More

How to Write Hangul in Windows 10

As you learn Korean language, make Korean friends, or simply interested in Korean writing systems or hangeul (한글), have you ever been wondering how do you write hangeul on your computer? If you visit this blog because you were googling this, then I take it as a “yes”. You may have know already that Korean Read More